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Worrell Real Estate Services is family-owned and operated.  Since opening its doors in Chester, PA in 2013, we have treated every customer and client like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. 

Worrell Real Estate Services' mission is to promote home ownership. We believe that home ownership promotes pride of ownership and in pride, protection.  People tend to protect what they own, and in protecting what they own, creates a commitment to community. 

Communities are built on strong commitment. Home ownership is a vital aspect to building strong communities.
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Personalized Consulting Services

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Personalized Consulting Services

The real estate industry offers a vast amount of information that cannot be accessed without a real estate license.  This one-on-one, 1 hour session provides educational information that will save you thousands and thousands of dollar, and possible make you thousands and thousands of dollar buying foreclosure homes, short sales and HUD owned properties.  Call today for consulting fee. 610-499-9400.
What is a Buyer Listing Registry?

It is a mirrored image to a property listing, except instead of listing properties, the listing consists of buyers who are financed approved, or cash buyers, who are ready to purchase. This Registry is made available, for a fee, to listing agents, and property and buyers are matched.  Call us today for more information and details  610-499-9400.
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First Time Home Buyers Workshop
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